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Emergency Closing Information

Reported by on 12/7/21

In light of emergency situations that have caused several local school districts to close for a day, we wanted to communicate with our families the procedures we will use if we were to close for a day due to unforeseen circumstances. Some of the reasons for the closures that have occurred in neighboring districts so far have been related to unsafe water, bus driver shortages, and credible threats. Some situations qualify as an e-learning day. When this is the case, the last day of school remains the same. If we are not able to designate it as an e-learning day, one of our emergency days at the end of the year would be added which would make the last day of school later.

If a situation occurs that requires Indian Prairie School District 204 to cancel in-person learning for a day, we will enact our e-Learning procedures. These procedures were put in place prior to the COVID-19 pandemic when we were trying to prepare for e-learning on severe weather days. Since these procedures were created in 2019, there have been many changes in our ability to provide learning opportunities remotely. The main changes have been the consistent use of Google classroom and technology availability for our youngest learners.

Whenever possible, notification regarding e-Learning Days will occur in the evening prior to the emergency day. Here is an FAQ regarding this type of day. Teachers will have the assigned work posted by the start of the school day for their given levels. For students who do not take their Chromebooks home each night (typically early childhood, kindergarten and first grade) teachers will have sent home a paper copy of a work packet for the students to complete. Teachers will be available to answer questions by email. If the emergency day is expected to be for one day only, the expectation will be for students to complete the work assigned independently. If, for some reason, the emergency situation is expected to be continued for an extended length of time, we will communicate additional plans to provide live instruction opportunities.